Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Coastal Scents Hot Pot Swatches

Doesn't it feel good to buy a beauty product that works wonderful & won't put a dent in your pocket? I know I feel good about it. So today I want to talk about Coastal Scents Hot Pots. These Hot Pots are the same size of a MAC eyeshadow. The palettes themselves are very sturdy and have a really nice weight to them. Each palette has a plastic, matte black finish and are able to hold up to 12 eyeshadows. ( The two other palettes each hold 4 eyeshadows or 28 eyeshadows!) The 12 eyeshadow palette costs $5.95 at regular price. It has a very big mirror. They are perfect for traveling. Some palettes come pre-made such as the Think Pink palette or Fall Festival Palette. Each eyeshadow costs only $1.99!!

Since I don't see many swatches available online of Hot Pots, I decided to swatch mine and show them to you! I actually have the Winterberry palette, Forever Natural Palette, Fall Festival Palette, Creative Me #1 Palette plus an empty palette with 12 individual Hot Pots that do not come in any pre-made palette. However, I rearranged all of the Hot Pots and organized them by color. As you will notice I have some repeat eyeshadows.

Edit: Swatches have NO primer or base underneath.
First palette has my browns and neutrals. Probably my favorite palette. If you have brown eyes, berry colors are your friend. If you are on the hunt for some dark matte brown eyeshadows, check out the swatches for this palette
(First Row, L-R) Tea Rose Pink, Nude, Light Taupe, Light Bronze, (Second Row, L-R) Light Apricot, New Penny, Maroon Berry, Raisin Berry, (Third Row, L-R) Root Beer, Chocolatier, Cherry Chocolate, Deep Roast

Second palette consists of mostly pink toned eyeshadows. It also has a dark brown and a black. I personally love Reef Pink and Magenta which are both matte colors.
(First Row, L-R) Light Pink, Reef Pink, Mauve Frost, Thulian Pink, (Second Row, L-R) Peach Silver, Peachy Copper, Magenta, Neon Bright Pink, (Third Row, L-R) Raisin Berry, Rustic Maroon, Cherry Chocolate (refer to the first palette, not swatched properly here, sorry!) Gunmetal

Third are the mostly greens, blues and a grey. As you can see I also put a light beige color in there. I couldn't really find anywhere else to fit in. The only one that is not impressive from this palette would be Electric Blue.
(First Row, L-R) Flesh Tone, Sage Sensation, Kiwi Green, Dark Golden Olive, (Second Row, L-R) Shamrock Green, Teal Green, Jewel Teal, Steel Grey, (Third Row, L-R) Cornflower Blue, Electric Blue, Steel Blue, Rainstorm

Fourth palette up is the purples! Now here you are gonna see a lot of frostys since a lot of these shades came from the Winterberry palette. Deep Grape is a gorgeous matte purple. Don't bother getting Deep Eggplant or Indigo which are easily my least favorite.
(First Row, L-R) Chamois Nude, Light Plum, Mai Tai, Amethyst, (Second Row, L-R) Silver Lilac, Regalia Purple, Tyrian Purple, Lavender, (Third Row, L-R) Regalia Purple, Deep Eggplant, Indigo, Deep Grape

And in fifth place, are the yellows, oranges and reds! As you can see in the lower swatches, some of the mattes are having a harder time being swatches and seen.

(First Row, L-R) White Silver, Light yellow, Bright Yellow, Autumn Sun, (Second Row, L-R) New Penny, Bright Copper, Neon Red, Copper pot, (Third Row, L-R) Light Tangerine, Bright Tangerine, Deep Cantaloupe, American Rose

Although there are a few Hot Pots that just didn't cut it ( a lot of makeup companies have their duds including the high end ones) , there are a lot more that really make me want to go back to the Coastal Scents website and order some more Hot Pot palettes. I think these are great products and deserve a checking out.

Top 10 Hot Pot Eyeshadows that I recommend (in no particular order)
1. Steel Grey ( a dark grey with shimmer)
2. Maroon Berry ( matte, rich burgundy)
3. Magenta ( matte, bright purple/pink)
4. Mai Tai ( very light mauve with a hint of rose gold, shimmer)
5. Chocolatier ( matte warm toned deep, dark brown with red undertone)
6. Deep Roast ( cooler tone than Chocolatier. matte, deep, dark brown, neutral)
7. Sage sensation (shimmer chartreuse)
8. Raisin Berry ( shimmer, deep berry, warm undertones)
9. Light Taupe ( matte, cool tone taupe)
10. New Penny ( very warm toned, shimmer, orange-gold)

Let me know which Hot Pots you have and if you like them or not:)  <----Buy Pre-made Hot Pot palettes :)  <---Customize your Hot Pot Palette!

Disclaimer: I was not sent ANY of these products.


  1. Awesomeness!! Did a random search for Coastal Scents hot pots and came across your post. Will definitely look at this again if I pick some up.

    1. Thank you so much Crazy8!:) They are definitely not UD or Inglot quality but there are definitely some hidden gems that are totally worth having in your makeup collection. Happy shopping<3

  2. They are .99 right now. Ridiculous.

    1. Yeah, they are pretty much giving them away! I was actually debating if I should get some more but I definitely do not need anymore eyeshadows. Are you planning on getting any? :)

  3. Thank you for the amazing post!! Couldn't find swatches anywhere online!

    1. Well I know I got a lot of help from other blogs when I first purchased my Hot Pots. I'm happy that I was able to help you out :) Hope you enjoy them if you purchase any!

  4. How do you feel about Nude, Fleshtone, and Tea Rose pink? Are they worth it?